Drawing The Energy

Draw on the energy within...

Welcome to Drawing The Energy!

I love to draw! I love to express energy in so many forms. Recently I've been experimenting with pencil drawings. Yoga brings me to center, and dance...well, I may not be graceful physically, but dance calls me anyway! 

 A number of years ago, during a spiritual class, I was given an outline drawing of a human figure and asked to draw where I felt orange energy. I tried to draw it many, many times, each time crumbling the paper up and starting over because I knew it wasn't right. Finally I threw my hands in the air and said, fine, you do it!  The end result amazed me and amazed my teacher. It goes to show you what can happen when you quiet down your left brain and give the right brain free reign. Eventually I realized that this technique applied to drawing not only myself, but other people, places and ideas. I learned the drawings could be used as a focus for meditation.  I often felt reiki energy flowing as I drew... and the drawings became as healing tools.

I am very thankful for the peace I feel as I draw, and the joy the drawings bring to others. These days I am also very thankful for every opportunity I have to draw, even when that means I buy a space at an expo just so I can sit quietly and draw whatever comes for 2 whole days! Grins......time to "Be Still"

I wish for each of you who visit this space the joy of movement and creation, no matter how you express it!

Brightest blessings...




Spiritual Holistic Expo
sponsored by St. John's Church of Faith, held the third Saturday and Sunday in May each year
@ the Agri-Plex, Allentown Fairgrounds, Allentown PA

Spiritual Holistic Expo
sponsored by Metaphysical Universal Ministries
held the third Saturday and Sunday each September
@ the Agri-Plex, Allentown Fairgrounds, Allentown PA



Meditation leads to long lasting mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Learn to quiet your mind and become restful in your body. Contact me at drawing.energy@gmail.com for more information.