Drawing The Energy

Draw on the energy within...

Drawing The Energy?


What's that?

I like to call my drawings Energy Portraits, although a very wise woman once informed me that they are Spirit Drawings.  So, why Energy Portraits? Think about it, everything is energy. Energy is always moving even if it is so slow you can’t see it move.  This is really, really good news for those of you who THINK you are stuck! Energy has vibration,  frequency…and color. You are made of energy, and you have lots and lots of colors. The energy that surrounds your body is called your aura. Some people can see your aura (it can be photographed!) and I think everyone can feel auras. How many times have you gotten close to a person, or into a space and your mood suddenly changed? Why? Your energy, your aura, bumped into another energy and that triggered an emotional response.
When I draw an energy portrait I intuitively tap into the colors of the energy of a person, place or idea the same way a dancer taps into the energy and color of music. The colors seem to flow onto the paper and sometimes it truly feels like a dance! The fun thing is that no two drawings are ever alike because energy is never still. Sure, sometimes there seems to be a theme, but just like each moment is different, so is each drawing. The drawings themselves even seem to change over time with some things popping out at you and some just fading away.
So, what good is an energy portrait? Well, besides being fun, sometimes people find that images that mean something to them show up in the drawing. They show up because they’re in your thoughts.  Remember, thoughts are things! I work with the healing energy of Reiki and Shamballa and have discovered that this energy also flows into the drawings so that they become healing tools. People have reported feeling energy release and movement while I draw; they leave with a sense of peace. (It makes sense that these drawings are an expression of divine love and healing because that’s what you are!) Those sensitive to energy tell me they still feel the energy long after the drawing is done. Others have told me they experienced a shift when I've done the drawing from my home and they are in theirs.  Often people will use the drawings as healing tools or a focus for meditation.
When I'm working with someone I like to tell them that if, while I’m drawing they feel inspired to pick up the chalk and help,  let me know! This form of art is an excellent means of expression and I encourage you to let it flow! After all, YOU are your own best healer!


Want an energy portrait of your own?

Please contact me if you are interested in commissioning an energy portrait!