Drawing The Energy

Draw on the energy within...


I'm up to seven galleries! The drawings are hyperlinked to larger samples of the piece. I've gotten pages done for some of them and more is coming...so check back again.

Essence of Michael  Essence of Michael 
James Michael  Innermost Fire 
Aire of Grace Aire of Grace
One of 12 Ascension Portals forming on the planet earth at this time. Portal
Paul My Friend Paul
The World
The World
Maturity Maturity











My Own Gallery!

OK, so it's not the Guggenheim or the MoMA!


I may not be Kandinsky, although sometimes I swear I channel him, but this is my own Gallery.

Since I'm rebuilding this site from scratch this part is going to take a bit of thought. I really have to decide exactly what it is that I want to share with you, how I want to present it, and how much space (and bandwidth) I want to take up!