Drawing The Energy

Draw on the energy within...

Essence of Michael

The original drawing is much softer than this reproduction. No matter how hard I tried the prints always came out darker and more dynamic than the drawing that accompanies me to every showing. I've discovered that usually the prints were used for or given as protection, so I guess the intense side of Michael is what others needed. This print has even been to Iraq and back.
 Essence of Michael 

My Guardian and Teacher

When I asked to meet my guardian Michael made his presence known. At first I thought "well, it can't be that Michael, he's too big for that." After awhile I realized it certainly was "that" Michael, and that he is guardian to the whole human race.

I find myself in conversation with Michael often and have discovered he has a heck of a sense of humor. Once I asked him why I was so difficult and had to fight things rather than let them go. He responded "you chose a warrior for a guardian and wonder why  you fight?"

 Through Ronna Herman Michael taught me about conscious, responsible use of energy. Through the group I learned that I am part of the family of Michael. I t think that it's through my relationship with him that I know I am always safe and protected.