Drawing The Energy

Draw on the energy within...

James Michael

James Michael

Innermost Fire   

I actually met James online. I felt his energy from across the country and I knew he was a teacher. I wanted to learn everything I could, and experience greater and greater light. Online his name was InnermostFire, a name that alluded to his strength of spirit and connection to his soul, and his purpose.  What I discovered later was that he was also very sick. His brain tumor was inoperable and his time in the body was short.

I can't explain in words exactly what it is I learned from James. He helped me to know myself, and my own light. He showed me how to draw on the energy within.

In his last weeks I sent him drawings as I completed them. He told me once that he would put the scanned images up on his screen and he felt better. As he became weaker his emails came less frequently and eventually stopped. I asked spirit to let me know how he was and this is the drawing I received. I was so happy to know that he was OK!