Drawing The Energy

Draw on the energy within...



My Friend and Teacher

While James Michael taught me to know that innermost fire, Paul taught me to use it, and not always constructively! He's sometimes a real...well, he knows the word and I'm not writing it out on my website!

This is my favorite drawing of Paul. I realized that it shows many faces because he's very good at showing only the face he wants you to see and distracting you from his true essence.  He's one of the few people who could just sit silently with me, never saying a word and pretty much know all there is to know.

This one of the drawings I take with me to every show as part of my support system. I realized a few weeks ago that  Michael, my guardian angel, is always at the top of the display panel, James, my friend in spirit is usually in the  middle, and Paul is at the bottom of the panel. Someone pointed out to me that the colors flow in order from the upper chakras to the lower in the display.

 I chuckle when I think of how many people try to buy this drawing...and how many times I say that my friend is not for sale!