Drawing The Energy

Draw on the energy within...

The World

The World 

April 2002

 That's when this picture was drawn. Do you remember what the world felt like then?

The colors are all about creation, communication, thought and divine presence.  The symbols are all about change. There is a snake running right through the middle of the drawing. While some people fear the snake as a sign of death the snake is truly about change and healing. Toward the bottom just left of center is a scorpion. In the book Animal-Wise author Ted Andrews explains that "Unless we control our passions and desires and direct their energies appropriately, the transformations will occur in the midst of chaos. At the top just left of center is a venus flytrap. Some texts say the venus flytrap symbolizes love and protection, but the guys explain it this way: it's sticky in there, irritants get in, the trap springs shut and the irritant is changed into food. When you dine on insects there's less likelihood of power struggles.