Drawing The Energy

Draw on the energy within...

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The Atlantic Ocean  The Atlantic Ocean 
The Bermuda Triangle 
Bermuda Triangle 
  Horseshoe Bay 
September 11, 2002  September 11, 2002 



In September 2002 we were in Bermuda. My husband was gifted the trip as employee of the year.

Thank you Gino, it was amazing!

These drawings were done on that trip. The energy of the
ocean and the wind thrilled me. There was a hurricane churning for
days off the coast of North Carolina so while the skies were mostly
clear the wind was up and the surf high. It was my first cruise but
I learned quickly that it was only wind and water...and if you
matched the vibration, became wind and water, you didn't  get

You can see the effects of the hurricane on horseshoe bay