Drawing The Energy

Draw on the energy within...

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Elohim Elohim
The Shift The Shift
Hurricaine Hurricane
Release Release
The Mess in My Head The Mess in My Head!
Bridges Bridges
Emancipation Emancipation
Spring 2006
Changes Changes
  Place of Dreams 
Construction and Reconstruction

Life, the universe and everything is in a constant state of construction, destruction, and reconstruction. (See, our highway system just follows the pattern for the universe!) Without that creative process it would be stagnant and stuck in time...lifeless. The trick is to figure out how to ride the wave and be in the flow of the process rather than being beaten up by it. The guys once put it like this. "You humans spend a lot of time at the ocean being battered about by the waves. One would think you would either learn how to swim, float on the top or get out of the water!"