Drawing The Energy

Draw on the energy within...

Meditation (Energy Management)

Meditation could definitely be called energy management. When you learn to meditate you learn to monitor your energy usage and to control your response to incoming energy. You begin to act rather than react.

 Meditation changed my life, or maybe I should say that my life changed when I learned to meditate. I found that when I quieted my mind I was able to hear my heart...and it had a lot to say!

I don't know that I'd promote meditation as a weight loss formula but as I learned to listen to my body it told me what it wanted and needed. I spent quite a bit of time outdoors walking and playing with the trees. (That's a story for another day.) I found myself craving things like salmon, broccoli and green tea.  Over the course of a year I lost 80 - 100 pounds. I became much healthier and went from seeing my doctor sometimes several times a month to maybe once a year.

As I changed physically I realized I was also growing spiritually. This is when I began to practice Reiki. Eventually I was led  to St. John's Church of Faith in Allentown, where I met my next teacher and our wonderful Pastor Lloyd.

Most recently I've studied Evidenced Based Meditation with Dr. Susan Taylor, founder of the Center for Meditation Science.  I've recently received my certification to teach as a clinical meditation specialist through The National Meditation Specialists Certification Board.

If you are interested in more information or would like me to teach a class please contact me at drawing.energy@gmail.com

Did you know that meditation...

...can lower your heart rate and blood pressure

...improves memory and cognitive function and maintains what you have longer

...decreases the release of stress hormones

...can reverse the natural aging process

...can effect the inflammation process

...can lead to better quality sleep

...can relieve chronic pain

...can decrease anxiety

...can increase immunity

...can lead to greater awareness

...can lead to inner peace