Drawing The Energy

Draw on the energy within...

What's to say?

I always knew that there was more than I could see with my eyes! "Show me" was my mantra and "why" the purpose of the journey.  That of course includes saying why do I have to do it that way just because that's the way it's always been done, or because it's the way they say it should be done?  I'm a bit lazy you know, and I don't think we should have to work so hard at "it". We weren't made that way.

Anyway,  I am fortunate enough to have parents who wanted to see and know too. Somehow I  knew that I was always safe and never alone despite the dramas I'd create in my life . My mother has reminded me of my "imaginary friend" of childhood and these days I know that I'm surrounded, always. 

A number of years ago, around the turn of the century (I never imagined myself saying that when I was a kid) I suddenly knew what I didn't know that I always knew.  Yep that's a mouthful of contradiction but it's the way it works I suppose. I learned to quiet my mind through meditation and discovered there was so much more! It was as if this hidden door was opened and the magic and mystery of energy came pouring through. The dance I'd been doing with spirit my whole life finally took me to a place of conscious awareness I'd never realized.  My family thought I had finally gone over the edge, well, except for my Godmother, who said "Melissa, it's about time, I've been waiting for you..."

 It can be a bit overwhelming when you decide to catch up on everything  at once,  but teachers appeared just when I needed the most to help me balance. (Some of them human, many of them not!) I've finally slowed down and spent a bit more time on human endeavors over the last couple years, but I'm ready for more...and there's always more!

About Me

I love to play with energy! I am a master~ teacher in the traditional Usui Method of Reiki as well as Shamballa Multidimensional Healing.

I am an ordained minister with Metaphysical Universal Ministries (MUM) and active on their board of directors.  I occasionally speak at St. John's Church of Faith in Allentown,  PA.  I provide ministerial services both in the church and in the community.

I am certified to teach Evidence Based Meditation by  the National Meditation Specialist Certification Board and am a member of their board of directors.

 Among my many teachers is  Dr. Susan Taylor.