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Favorite Places

There are so many...but here's a start


  • I don't know if all creative people love to cook, but I do. I've found a couple blogs that I absolutely love!

    1o1 cookbooks is fun and the vegetarian recipes are right up my ally. Heidi Swanson, the blog's author sums up her site in two sentences: When you own over 100 cookbooks, it is time to stop buying, and start cooking. This site chronicles a cookbook collection, one recipe at a time.  I can certainly relate to the over 100 cookbooks. (I think my favorite is How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman.) My husband groans each time I buy a new one because he knows he's in for some change...and my bookshelves are groaning under their weight!

    In her blog Carrots and Cake author Tina Haupert shares her passion for food, fitness and a balanced healthy life. The ideas she shares provide inspiration for a great day...every day!

  • http://www.wildflowercafebethlehem.com/
    The Wildflower Cafe and Gallery is on the South Side of Bethlehem. The energy there draws many people from all walks of life. It seems that everyone in town knows and loves Michelle, and I'm sure it's more than her vegan chicken salad that attracts them. (Although, I have to say, it's amazing.) I hear her name on WDIY at least once a week and you never know who's going to show up for open mic night.

  • crimsoncircle.com
    Tobias always made sense to me. Now Adamus has taken over. I truly appreciate the confirmation in his most recent teachings. Thank you to the Crimson Council and everyone at Crimson Circle for being.

  • Crystalinks.com  
    When I was studying for the Ministry Ellie Crystal's site was a godsend. If you have a question about it, and it's metaphysical (and even if it's not) you will find an answer on Ellie's site! She's gotten quite busy now and is unable to answer emails these days but I was very grateful for her personal replies during my studies.

  • spiritquestwebhosting.com
    Ginger hosts not only my website but all of MUM's. She  is also a web-designer. She and Chris own The Spirit Quest Center in Texas.

  • http://www.mikesnydercc.com/
    Wow! Mike does with Music what I do with color. We had an awesome time at the expo creating together in a symphony of color and sound. Mike teased that we were doing drive by healings!

  • http://1000awesomethings.com/
    1000 Awesome Things is just a time-ticking countdown of 1000 awesome things. Launched June, 2008 and updated every weekday. Published as The Book of Awesome in April, 2010.


  • http://www.drsusantaylor.com/
    Susan Taylor, PhD, is the Director of Educational Programs and Founder of the Center for Meditation Science.
    As a pioneer in the field of mind body medicine with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Taylor continues to transform our understanding of health. By understanding the link between psychological function and physical reality, and how the mind-body matrix plays a role in our health and healing mechanisms, Taylor's approach integrates the best of western medicine with natural healing traditions.

    Dr. Taylor is the author and producer of the Healing Power of Meditation CD series and The Vital Energy audio programs, and the author of the forthcoming book, Secrets to A Well-Nourished Brain.  She currently provides the Meditation Specialist Competency Training for health care professionals.

  • www.spellweavingpoet.com
    Poet was a very challenging teacher and, well, I won't tell you the other names I've called him. He's still one of my closest friends. The remnants of his MSN group are archived at this website.  Poet, I sure do miss our chats sometimes.


  • http://ronnastar.com/  
    It was Ronna Herman's I AM Mastery Class (later renamed Scripting your Destiny) that prompted my first experiments with this form of art. Ronna Herman is internationally known as a messenger for Archangel Michael.  His messages of hope and inspiration through Ronna have been featured in hundreds of New Age, inspirational and spiritual publications around the world, and they have been translated into most major languages.




These are some places in the physical world and on the world wide web that I connect with. As my family can attest when I love something I want to share it with everyone...